Contract synthesis from Kilos to Tons

Chemical synthesis of RSM and advance intermediates

Development and process optimization of the lead compounds


Featured technologies

High pressure catalysis, 

Low temperature reaction (-80 ℃), 

High temperature reaction, 

Fluorination reaction, 

Asymmetric Synthesis, 

Enzyme catalysis, 

Metal catalytic reaction.

As to the enzyme catalysis, the enzymes had been successfully screened to complete the synthesis route optimization of an intermediate for a clinical stage project for one Chinese pharmaceutical company.  


Rich experience in the case of chiral phosphorus ligands synthesis, production at the kilograms level has been achieved and applied successfully in the synthesis of advanced intermediates for a drug substance which is now in phase III of clinical studies.

In the polysaccharide synthesis, a number of polysaccharide compounds which have potential pharmaceutical activities had been successfully synthesized as per client's demand, which has provided strong support for the screening of innovative saccharide  development candidates.  

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